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    Evidential Investment Funds offers New Zealand investors a gateway to world leading evidence based investment managers, delivered in a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) for maximum tax convenience.

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  • Evidential Investment Funds
    Bringing you access to international fund management expertise
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    Evidence based investing
    We believe the most enduring and powerful investment ideas are supported by evidence. Evidential Investment Funds access evidence based investment solutions from world leading international fund managers. The strategies we choose target sources of higher expected return and are curated for efficient use by New Zealand investors.
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    PIE tax convenience
    The selected strategies are offered in New Zealand as Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs). The PIE fund structure delivers improved tax efficiency for many, and greater tax convenience.
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    Cost effective
    Evidential Investment Funds focus on delivering evidence based investment solutions as cost-effectively as possible. This can result in lower foreign currency and trading costs than would otherwise be incurred when accessing the same strategies internationally.
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    Local customisation
    We identify international strategies to fill gaps in the New Zealand market and we customise them to be suitable for New Zealand investors. The strategies are managed with respect to diversification, currency and risk exposure, and may include a sustainability overlay.
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  • Why Evidential Investment Funds?

    Evidential Investment Funds was created to deliver outstanding global investment strategies to New Zealand investors in a cost effective and tax efficient way.


    Some of the smartest international investment strategies are provided by managers outside of New Zealand, and are generally only available to New Zealand investors through foreign investment structures such as Australian Unit Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds. These structures are often not the most tax efficient for New Zealand investors, however, we can provide access to these underlying strategies by delivering them within a New Zealand issued PIE fund.

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