• Evidential Sustainable Targeted Factor Fund

    An international equity fund that follows an evidence based investment philosophy to provide investors with diversified exposure to small and medium capitalisation companies.

  • Fund overview

    The Evidential Sustainable Targeted Factor Fund provides New Zealand investors with tax efficient, evidence based exposure to a portfolio of small and medium capitalisation companies within global developed markets (excluding Australia and New Zealand). The fund emphasises investment in companies with higher expected returns, such as companies with lower relative prices and higher profitability.

    The fund also considers non-financial factors in order to target sustainability goals. This includes a carbon footprint reduction goal as well as excluding issuers associated with particular business practices.


    • Key facts
      Asset class International equities
      Annual fund charges 0.62%
      Buy/sell spread +0.15% on entry / -0.15% on exit
      Benchmark MSCI World SMID Index (NZD, gross return)
      Investment manager DFA Australia Limited (Dimensional)
  • Investment approach

    The fund invests in a diversified portfolio of small and medium capitalisation companies within global developed markets (excluding Australia and New Zealand), with an emphasis on companies that are expected to have higher returns based on academic research. The sources this academic research has identified are:

    •  The overall market – shares have higher expected returns than bonds.

    •  Company size – small company shares have higher expected returns than large company shares.

    •  Relative price – low relative price or ‘value’ shares have higher expected returns than high relative price shares.

    •  Profitability – shares with higher profitability have higher expected returns than shares with lower profitability.

    Dimensional has been appointed as the investment manager for the Evidential Sustainable Targeted Factor Fund. As the investment manager, Dimensional is responsible for implementing the investment strategy for the fund. For more than four decades, Dimensional and its affiliated entities have been combining rigorous academic research with practical experience to deliver investment solutions. Using this approach, Dimensional seeks to deliver investment solutions that add value through careful design, implementation and execution.

    Feature Highly Diversified
    Highly diversified exposure to global small and mid capitalisation companies
    Feature High Risk
    Suitable for investors with a very high risk tolerance
    Feature Multiple Sources
    Targeting multiple sources of evidence based higher expected returns
  • Risk Indicator

    The risk indicator reflects how much the value of the fund’s assets goes up and down. A higher risk rating generally means higher potential returns over time, but more ups and downs along the way. This fund is suited to an investor with a very high tolerance to risk and a minimum timeframe of 7 years.

    Lower risk

    Potentially lower returns

    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
    5. 5
    6. 6
    7. 7

    Higher risk

    Potentially higher returns

  • Performance

    3 months

    1 year

    3 years

    5 years

    Since inception (p.a)

    Evidential Sustainable
    Targeted Factor Fund






    Benchmark returns






    Benchmark index returns as at 31 May 2024. Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. Performance is calculated after fund management fees and before any applicable tax. Benchmark index returns do not include any fees or taxes. Performance figures have been annualised where the performance period is more than one year.

  • Resources

    Fact Sheet – 30 April 2024

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    Evidential Sustainable Targeted Factor Fund is available for investment through a financial adviser using the Consilium Wrap platform. Speak to us if you would like to find out more about Evidential Investment Funds or the Consilium Wrap platform.

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